Animation 17.6 Cytokinesis in Higher Plants

Textbook Reference: The Events of M Phase, p. 678


Cytokinesis in plant cells is different from that in animal cells. In early telophase in plants, vesicles carrying cell wall precursors from the Golgi apparatus associate with remnants of the spindle microtubules and accumulate at the former site of the metaphase plate.

These vesicles then fuse to form a large, membrane-enclosed, disk-like structure, and their polysaccharide contents assemble to form the matrix of a new cell wall, called a cell plate.

The cell plate expands outward, perpendicular to the spindle, until it reaches the plasma membrane. The membrane surrounding the cell then fuses with the parental plasma membrane, dividing the cell in two. Connections, called plasmodesmata, between the daughter cells are formed as a result of incomplete vesicle fusion during cytokinesis.

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